Welcome to This Month 2.0

This Month was a series very close to my heart from day 1. When I launched it on Glow Steady, I had no idea how popular it would turn out to be. It’s something you all seemed to love, and I did too. Most importantly, it’s an important subject. So important that I thought it deserved a home of its own. A female health blog, nothing else. There’s still so much taboo around certain areas of female health and This Month the series really taught me that most people are happy to talk about it, all it takes is for someone else to start the conversation.

The original series had so much potential, and there was so much more I thought I could say. But its home was a once a month post on a food blog. And I didn’t want to make Glow less of a food blog and more of a lifestyle blog. If anything, I wanted it to beĀ moreĀ of a food blog.

That only leaves one logical solution, and you’re reading it. You can expect lots of new things here that I barely scratched the surface on in the series. The regular ‘Let’s Talk About…’ segments aren’t going anywhere, neither are ‘This Month I Tried…’ posts. But I’m also hoping to start reviewing books relating to female health and writing more discussion posts about things that pop up in the news and really make this a conversation.

If you’re here from This Month’s original home, hi and thank you for joining me here too. This Month, let’s see if we can try something new. I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

Oh and before you leave, can you follow me or something? It’s a little lonely over here right now.

Until next time,

Sophie x