5 People to Follow for Female Health Information

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Yes, you read that right. 5 accounts to follow for female health advice. Let’s face it, most of us have questions about something at some point. And as much as this subject should not be taboo at all, it is. Speaking to your mum may not be an option, your friends may not know the answer. You might just not want to talk about it unless you need to see a doctor (and if you do need a doctor, go to see a doctor). So, most of us turn to our trusty friend Google. But she really can’t always be trusted to provide the most valuable sources of information sometimes. I’ve compiled a list of 5 people online to follow for female health information.  

Who are these people?  

Of the 5, 3 are gynaecologists, one is a naturopathic doctor and the fifth is a little different, she’s the only one who is not related to the medical field. And I was on the fence about including her for that reason, but I think she plays an important role.  

Yes, they’re all women. In my experience, women in this field have a different level of understanding when it comes to talking about issues in a way that feels like a real life scenario rather than something studied in a text book. I’m not saying you can’t get great male gynaecologists, but I think in areas like this, talking about a subject broadly online, women have a way of delivering it better. And I’d rather champion women talking about women’s health issues on a female health blog anyway.  

5 People to Follow For Female Health  

Hannah Witton 

I’m going to start with the mysterious fifth option before I start talking about the doctors. Hannah Witton is a YouTuber who specialises in sex and relationships, and that overlaps with a lot of content relating to female health and periods.  

I included Hannah on this list for a few reasons. The main one being that if you’re simply interested in female health and not looking for answers to problems, she covers some great subject areas and generally speaking creates interesting content on the subject area. A secondary reason is also the reason I almost didn’t include her, she’s not a doctor. As much as I strongly believe that if you’re looking for genuine advice or information, you should be looking at one of the other four I’m about to mention, sometimes the casual way a ‘normal’ person talks about things is what you need. Although she’s not qualified, she does list her sources and consults with others when it’s necessary, so I’s still consider her a reliable source of information.  

Her videos aren’t always as in depth and informative as some of the others (not a criticism, she isn’t a doctor), but I think the way she presents information is a great introduction the subject area. And she’s a great option for anyone reading this who may be younger, or someone to suggest to your daughter, niece etc.  

You can follow her YouTube channel, or purchase her book on ‘The Hormone Diaries’*. 

Lara Briden  

Meet the naturopath I was talking about. Lara Briden Lara Briden is a naturopathic doctor, women’s health speaker, and author of the book Period Repair Manual*. As well as the above, she runs a blog on her website (regular uploads) talking about a whole range of period/ female health related issues with posts about everything from periods, PCOS and menopause and the drugs you can take to help them.  

The naturopath route may not be for everyone, but she’s a good voice at the table if you’re wanting a new outlook.  

Lara Briden's book

Jen Gunter  

If you follow female health issues, you’ve likely seen Jen Gunter’s work even if you don’t know it. She’s a well known gynaecologist, author and NYT columnist. It’s not updated that often these days, but she also as a blog covering a wide range of issues.  

Unlike some of the others on this list where I’m telling you to follow their blogs or YouTube channels, I think Twitter (@DrJenGunter) is the platform to follow Jen on. She uses her platform to comment on and share information on issues as they crop up. And addresses larger issues in a way that’s incredibly easy to understand, and shares countless articles and resources to educate yourself even when she isn’t doing the educating herself.  

Jen Gunter’s book: The Vagina Bible*

Jen Gunter’s NYT column: The Cycle 


Anita Mitra / The Gynae Geek 

Have you ever read something and thought ‘I wish this woman was my gynaecologist?’ sounds a bit strange, right? But I have.  

Anita Mitra is a London based gynaecologist/ author. Her book The Gynae Geek: Your No-nonsense Guide to ‘down There’ Healthcare,* is exactly that. No nonsense, honest, to the point and eye-opening. As well as general advice and information, she shares some anecdotes about her experiences as a gynaecologist that really highlights some of the issues women face and the taboo around needing to see a gynaecologist. I think this book is an excellent resource for women of all ages.  

But, if you don’t want to read a book, follow her on Instagram. She posts snippets of information with great infographics on all sorts, from information about the fertile window to how hormones impact migraines.  

the gynae geek audible cover

Danielle Jones / Mama Doctor Jones 

When I tell you that MDJ is one of my favourite people on the internet, I need you to know that bar is set very high. MDJ is a Texas based OB/GYN. She posts videos reacting to gynaecology related scenes in medical shows for some light hearted entertainment but also posts educational videos on things like being pregnant with COVID and explaining the risks, sharing the data she’s referencing every step of the way so you know the information is solid. In the wake of George Floyd, she also did a very interesting video on whether black lives matter in medicine which I highly recommend.  

This probably isn’t the channel for you if you’re looking for specific thorough data on one particular issue (refer back to Jen Gunter) but if you’re looking for more information in general, with a bit of light hearted entertainment on the side, MDJ is the one for you.  

Do you follow any of these people already? Which are your favourites?  

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