Let’s Talk About…What To Wear On Your Period

Let’s talk about what to wear on your period. If you’re one of the lucky ones with a  lighter flow and no major bloating, you might not get this one. If you’re like me and have a constant worry about clothes being ruined and go up at least a dress size, this one is for you.  

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that what I wear can have a massive impact on how I feel. And when you’re feeling rubbish anyway wearing something that makes you feel better about life can be really helpful. My period wardrobe has been on quite the journey, and I’ve made a few mistakes along the way. So today I’m sharing what I’ve done wrong and what works for me right now.  

Before I get into detail, if you don’t care about what you look like during that time of the month and you want to watch Netflix in loungewear*, without makeup and eat your own bodyweight in chocolate, you do you. We all have those days, or weeks. No judgement.  

But if you do want to make more of an effort, or you don’t want to make an effort but you have to look presentable for the outside world, this one is for you.  

What I used to do (what not to do) 

Do not just size up. Don’t do it. Just don’t. I wear a UK4 in my everyday life 90% of the time. Occasionally, I need a 6. whenever I saw something I liked in a store I’d never shopped at before, I used to buy a 6. the logic was that it would either fit, or it would be too big and go in my ‘period wardrobe’. I hate every single item I bought for this purpose now.  

Here’s the thing, when you see something you like, you imagine it on yourself as you usually look. When I’m trying it on during that time of the month, I don’t look like myself. I’m puffier everywhere due to the extra water retention, I’m really bloated and my overall shape is just different. Sizing up might fit, but it doesn’t look like the image in my head. Which, inevitably, doesn’t do wonders in the self esteem department.  

Don’t just wear a baggy shirt  

This is slightly contradictory because I’m about to share some oversized items, but it’s about how you style it. A baggy jumper and some slacks or leggings could be comfortable, but it’s also unlikely to make you feel better.  

What I’ve learnt 

After a while, I realised that the only way to make myself both feel comfortable and happy in my clothing choices was to find items that I could wear at all times in my cycle. Now, I just said I get puffy everywhere and gain a dress size. So, how exactly does this work?  

Many years ago, I spent £15 on a jersey swing dress from ASOS. This dress is my ultimate comfort blanket. One plain loose black dress. It looks almost identical no matter how bloated I am because of the style. A plain black dress works for almost every occasion. It’s comfortable, despite being loose, I can wear it without feeling like I’m deliberately trying to hide under a tent of clothing. It can be worn alone in summer, styled with a cropped jumper in winter. For this occasion, it’s perfect. But it’s also one plain outfit and as much as it fits my needs perfectly, after this many years, I’m kinda sick of the sight of it. (make no mistake, I’m sick of it, but still love it and the comfort it’s given my bloated stomach over the years dearly) 

What to wear on your period 

A Baggy Tee 

Hear me out here, there are a few ways to do this. You can go massively oversized and wear a tee as a dress, which you could also wear with leggings or jeans if you’re worried about needing an extra layer, or in winter. You can also roll them up to wear as a boxy crop when you’re not wanting it do be so baggy. 

If you’re trying to hide the bloat, it can be worn as a dress, or with some stretchy leggings (I think ribbed or waffle work best for comfort) or loose slacks. Or with a more structured pair of trousers or jeans for everyday wear. Paired with a blazer like this feels a little more put together and a more ‘normal’ outfit for me.  

Black tee – S/M*. Sand tee M/L*. 

A Jumper Dress  

I know we’re entering summer now so this isn’t quite the time to be talking about this, but if something like my beloved swing dress isn’t the one for you – try this.  

A jumper dress gives the ultimate cosy vibes and works as the ultimate comfort blanket. I have this black one, which is a regular jumper in a larger size, and this cream fluffy jumper dress which are both equally cosy. 

me in an oversized cream fluffy jumper dress to wear on my period

The black one is a regular jumper in a size 20, the cream one is a jumper dress* in my regular size 4, so no need to size up here!

I hope this gives you a few examples of what to wear on your period to still be comfortable. Are you a curl up in loungewear person or do you try to dress like your usual self when you’re on your period?  

Until next time, 


*Items marked with * were gifted.

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  1. I always go for something super comfy and loose around the tummy as I tend to bloat. I’ve started wearing specific underwear during the first two days, and then period underwear thereafter! So far so good!

    1. I love period underwear, especially towards the end when you don’t want to have to wear a pad/ tampon still. Definitely has to be something loose around the stomach for comfort!

  2. I’m usually a loungewear person, but if I have to put in the effort, I like to wear a dress that doesn’t hug my waist or a blouse like that–my tummy ironically decides it’s going to look 2-3 months pregnant even though I’m on my cycle–which proves I’m NOT preggo :’) Loved this post!! xx

    1. Haha I usually look pregnant too! It definitely has to be loose around the stomach! I love a loose fitting dress because sometimes I find the waist band on a regular pair of trousers isn’t forgiving enough for my bloated stomach x

  3. I don’t have periods but when I did, most of the time it was just baggy T-shirt’s and leggings (not much different to what I wear now haha!) although way back when, my periods never bothered me so I Remember being in clubs in short tight dresses on my period and I wasn’t bothered haha!

  4. I’m so grateful since getting my implant I don’t get periods but if I did i’d def wanna be in pjs all the time xx

  5. I always try to still make a bit of an effort with my outfits but sometimes, I just throw on leggings and a t-shirt instead. These are some great tips, thank you for sharing.

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