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Before we get into this, hello, my name is Sophie and I’m a die hard Clue user (not an ad). Whenever I see or hear people asking for recommendations for period/ cycle tracking app recommendations I’m always first in line to sing Clue’s praises. However, recently I’ve seen more and more people talking about Flo and I found myself waiting in line to talk about Clue. Then I realised I hadn’t tried anything other than Clue for about 4 years so maybe it was time to try something else. And by something else, I actually mean I used them both at the same time for about 4 months to compare. So, Clue vs Flow, which is the best cycle tracking app? 

Clue vs Flow, which is the best cycle tracking app? 

Using an app is as much about how user friendly it is, not just about the features. So, I’m breaking this down into several categories. We’re going to look at layout, tracking options and other features then an overall roundup of each app as a full package. Both of these apps do come with a premium version, but I’m only going to be looking at the basic free version for each as I think that’s the version the majority of people will be using.  



When it comes to the layout, I much prefer Clue. As most people will spend most of their time in these apps using the initial screen to track from. I want to highlight that I think Clue looks much cleaner and user friendly. I like how it shows you your cycle in full. And it’s very easy to see where you’re currently at. It shows you how long you have until your period/ ovulation window etc in a very simple way.

In terms of viewing the full monthly calendar, I think they’re equally easy to use and view.  

Tracking options  

As much as I prefer the Clue layout (by a long way), Flo is far better for tracking options. In Clue, you have a selection of four options for each category and you slide through the menu to choose the categories you’d like to track.  

Using Flo, it loads as a list form so you get far more options to choose from.  

If you’re using these apps in the most basic way to simply check your period dates, this probably doesn’t mean a lot. But if you have something like endometriosis or are TTC and trying to thoroughly log your cycle, I think Flo provides a much wider scope and a more thorough report.  

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Other Features  

One element that I have no experience of, but I’ve seen others complain about is that Clue doesn’t have a pregnancy mode. Flo does. So, you potentially get a cycle that lasts a year in your Clue history, which isn’t ideal. 

Both apps have options to do things like set reminders to take your pill, give you notifications that you’re due to ovulate, or that your period is late – so, I’d consider them equal in that department.  

Each app gives you pop up messages that explain things that are happening at various points in your cycle and explanations for things like getting late periods. You can also turn these off if you’d rather not explore them. 


As I mentioned, my thoughts so far have been based on the free version, but both versions offer a premium paid version.  

If you’re interested in premium, Flo is a lot more expensive. Neither app provides a huge amount of detail about the paid features, but from what I can tell, they don’t seem that different for the substantial price difference.  

Both apps offer a free trial, but Clue only give you a week (Flo give 30 days) so choose a wise point in your cycle when you’re on your period or ovulating so you actually have something worthwhile to track.  


This is a tricky one. As you can probably tell, I don’t have a clear favourite. And I think I’m going to continue to use both. Although I much prefer using Clue, Flo does give a lot more options. I’m someone with an irregular cycle and lots of symptoms/ irregular bleeding to track and I’ve always found Clue slightly lacking in its options for things like that. For a detailed sit down chat with a doctor about what’s been happening, I’d refer to Flo. For basic tracking and those ‘oh, I feel really tired and bloated today, am I due??’ moments, Clue is the one for me.  

If you don’t necessarily need more than basic tracking, I’d recommend Clue.  

Have you tried either or both of these cycle tracking apps before? Which is your favourite? 

Until next time, 


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  1. I haven’t had periods for around 4 years now so I’m well out of touch with these sort of apps. I do remember using one back when I did have periods but I can’t remember which one it was and I gave up with it very quickly. I would be interested in using one again though, if I ever come off my pill!

  2. I’ve been using Flo for years because I too have an irrational cycle. I think ultimately it is down to what you want from the app, which for me, I get from Flo. I love how you have listed the good and bad points from both apps so that readers can make an informed decision.

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